Unlike Windows or OS X, Linux is a 100% free operating system. If you've never worked with Linux, you will have to download and install a popular distribution.

A distribution is a package that includes both the OS and several useful applications, such as Internet browsers, text editors, and so on.

Few distributions include all the needed software, of course. However, most of them include a software download application, which can locate, download and install the missing apps. Here are the most popular Linux distributions.

1. Ubuntu

This distribution can be installed on regular computers and laptops - yes, even on old laptops!

It includes most of the applications you'll need, and if you are a Windows user, you'll discover that its user interface is quite similar with Windows' UI.

2. Red Hat

This is the best distribution for companies who are interested in getting top-notch support in a Linux-based environment.

From virtualization to cloud computing support, Red Hat has got all the features that you will need as a business owner.

3. Debian

Debian is known for its huge number of software packages - over 15,000!

The applications range from admin utilities to communication programs to database servers and clients to games to graphics editors to math software to network utilities to...
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Top 3 Linux Distributions