I'll be frank with you: this site is just one of my numerous side projects. I mean, I love Linux and all, but I've also got a family that needs my attention. Not to mention quite a few friends!

If you want to suggest a new piece of software, feel free to send me an email. I promise to add it to the site if it's a great one, but don't expect a reply from me.

I am already friends with hundreds of people, and I could build an entire army using my social media followers! And since I get 50-100 emails per day, I lose a few hours of my time just reading those emails!

And their number is constantly increasing, with more and more people letting me know that I have won the grand lottery prize every week - without even playing! Argh!

So, you can understand that my time is limited. But I'll always make time to add a good Linux tool to this site.

If these things didn't scare you, here's my email: hello@linuxwebmasterfree.com
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